Official Wilson AVP Beach Volleyball

$44.00 – Free Shipping

shirt and ball combo

Wilson Ball + Shirt

The official Wilson AVP beach volleyball game ball is now available for purchase. Take into account that we do
Free Shipping
. The other sites that look like they have low prices on the Wilson AVP Official game ball actually charge around $10 dollars to ship it. There is a discount on clothing when purchased with the ball. Every ball ships with a free sticker and temporary tattoo.
This is the best outdoor volleyball you will ever come across and the actual ball used on the AVP tour.
Don’t be fooled by the “replica” ball that looks just like this one but is made of plastic and is a horrible ball. The “replica ball” is a lot cheaper because it’s very poorly made and feels like a rock covered in material. I cannot emphasize it enough to stay away from that ball. The Official ball sold here is very soft and is the preferred ball used by professionals and weekend warriors.
*You can pick any shirt from the site, just leave us a comment in the “notes” section at checkout or email us letting us know which shirt you want with the ball.

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