Beach Volleyball Boundary Lines - 2 Inch Short Court

We decided it was about time that someone designed cool looking beach volleyball boundary lines with pattern on them instead of just solid colors.

Coming Spring of 2024 we will have multiple colors and materials to choose from for any beach volleyball court boundary markers.

Remember the old ghetto lines that could adjust from large indoor size to beach volleyball size of 26'3" and 52'6"? They had that huge buckle on each size that was annoying. They were a hassle and who used the huge indoor size anymore? We decided to make lines that always the exact size you need. We divided them up into 4 pieces so they are easy to put down and to carry to and from the sand.

What are beach volleyball court dimensions?

The official 2v2 beach volleyball court dimensions are 26'3" X 52'6" which is 8M X 16M.

This is the same size used for any outdoor 3v3 or 4v4. They even use this size for the infamous Manhattan 6 man tournament.

With our 2 inch wide "short court" beach volleyball lines, we eliminated the buckle, making them much easier to roll up for transport. They are non-adjustable and the easiest to set up, take down, and transport. Sand volleyball just got easier and more colorful. 

Funky beach volleyball webbing.